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Stalemate is a PR dashboard for your Github organisations. See CI, Reviews and mergability at a glance.

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What is stalemate?

Stalemate is a dashboard which works great both on monitors and on TVs.

It provides a simple view of github pull request info with insights about what needs to happen to allow merging each PR.

Create multiple dashboards. Filter by labels and repositories. Stalemate is here to show you the data that will help you get features finished faster.

See the Stalemate FAQs for more info!

In ProgressDo Not MergeType: Bug  
2 Checks passed
1 Approved
Needs Rebase

Stalemate is unique in that it shows you a traffic light status for each of the 3 metrics that really matter for a PR:

  1. Is CI is passing?
  2. Are there enough positive code reviews?
  3. Is it mergeable?

Stalemate users spend less time rebasing, less time re-running CI and get pull requests merged sooner!

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Or see the Stalemate FAQs.

“Thank you for bringing such a great tool to our company. We're very supportive of our team adopting it to help navigate the complexities of our PRs.”

Will Hardman, Elucidata