Stalemate FAQs

Yes! Stalemate works best on a TV on an office wall. Simply enable the secret link and use that on a rasberryPi kiosk or any browser.

Normally, everyone in your dashboard's organisation who is logged in with github. If you enable the secret link, then anyone you share the link with can see that dashboard.

Stalemate is completely free for the foreseeable future. In order to make it sustainable, we may need to charge in future.

It's easy to add individual dashboards for teams, just create a new dashboard and select which repositories are relevant to them.

Simply click "signup with github", then you can install stalemate on an organisation or your user account.

We store only the information relating to the repositories on your account and the data for the pull requests on those repositories. Data relating to closed PRs is removed 24 hours after the PR is merged or closed. Github "Draft PRs" are also stored in the database, but not shown until they converted to real PRs

Github Draft Prs will not be shown on the dashboard until they no longer have the draft status.

For each dashboard you can choose which repositories to show, as well as which labels you want to filter by within those repositories. This allows you to remove those with a WIP label for example or only show PRs with the my-awesome-team label.